How to Remove a Token from Metamask? 5 Simple Steps to Remove Tokens from Metamask

How to remove a token from Metamask? Given below, 5 simple steps to remove tokens from Metamask.

To remove a token from Metamask wallet, whether you are using the extension or the mobile app.

You have two options, You can either manually add the token to your wallet using its contract address, or rely on the Metamask automatic detection feature, which works for tokens on the Ethereum network.

As I mentioned above, how to remove a token from Metamask? So it is important for you to know If you have added multiple tokens to your wallet across different networks, it can become a little bit confusing, especially when dealing with tokens that have lost significant value or have zero balances.

To address this issue, you can remove such tokens from your Metamask wallet. Well, the process of removing a token from Metamask is relatively simple, too easy.

Are you searching for how to remove a token from Metamask? Given below, 5 simple steps to remove tokens from Metamask.

If your question same to any of these queries, then you’ve come to the right place.

Without any more delay, So, keeping in mind all your needs here I come up with the detailed guide about it, you will learn how to remove a token from Metamask extension and the Metamask mobile app, which are available for iPhones and Android devices.


Metamask has become a popular choice among crypto space around the world for managing crypto assets.

As you navigate through your Metamask wallet, you may come across tokens that you no longer wish to keep.

We will guide you through the process of removing a token from Metamask in just 5 simple, easy steps.

How to Remove a Token from Metamask Quickly

5 Simple Steps to Remove Tokens from Metamask

  1. Open the “Metamask” and unlock your wallet
  2. Select the “Token” which you can be removed
  3. Then click on the “3-Dot Menu icon”
  4. Select the “Token”
  5. Click “Hide” the given token

How to Remove a Token from Metamask Step-by-Step Guide

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Step 1: Open the “Metamask” 

To start and open the Metamask extension by clicking on the Metamask logo in the extensions area of your browser or open the Metamask app, which are available for iPhones and Android devices.

Step 2: Select the “Token” Which you can be Removed

Once your wallet is unlocked, you will see a list of available tokens. From this list, locate and select the specific token you want to remove. Remember, you can only remove one token at a time.

If you’re unable to find the token you wish to remove, it’s possible that it is associated with a different network on Metamask. In such cases, make sure to switch to the correct network to view and remove the desired token.

Source: Metamask

Step 3: Then Click on the “3-Dot Menu Icon”

After selecting the token, navigate to the top right corner of the Metamask window. You will find a 3-dot menu icon. Click on it to proceed further.

Source: Metamask

Step 4: Select “Token Details” from the Menu Options

Upon clicking the menu icon, a pop-up menu will appear displaying various navigation items. Look for the option labeled “Token details” and select it.

Source: Metamask

Step 5: Click “Hide Token” the Given Token

Within the Token details page, locate the “Hide token” button. Click on it to initiate the removal process. A confirmation dialog box will appear. To complete the removal, select “Hide” on the confirmation dialog.

Source: Metamask
Source: Metamask

Congratulations! You have successfully removed a token from your Metamask wallet. Repeat these steps for any additional tokens you wish to remove. This process works perfectly across all networks associated with your wallet.

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Final Words

I hope now that you’re well aware, how to remove a token from Metamask? In conclusion, you can efficiently declutter your Metamask wallet by removing unwanted tokens.

Remember to review your token selection carefully before confirming the removal. By keeping your wallet organized, you can enhance your digital asset management experience and ensure easy access to the tokens that matter most to you.

Note: This guide is provided for education purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Always do your own research before making any decisions related to your digital assets.

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