Trippy Mega Muted Bored Ape NFT Sold For $4.2 Million (Reportedly Sold for 2300 Ethereum)

A Trippy Mega Muted Bored Ape NFT has been sold for $3.91 million (2,300 ETHEREUM), making it one of the most significant transactions in Muted Bored Ape NFT sales history. @lior.eth was the buyer and is now the new owner of Mutant Ape #30005.

The new owner virtually confirmed that he is buying the APE on Twitter. People are wondering what the trade will be worth and trying to do their own calculations. There isn’t much information available off-chain. The Muted Bored Ape NFT was valued at $3.91 million (2,300 ETH).


Why The Mega Muted Bored Ape NFT is The Most Valuable?

One reason why Mutant Ape #30005 is so visually striking is that it has one of the most original looks of any ape in history, with trippy fur that almost seems liquid and escaping the Mega Mutant Ape. The second reason related to the history of this mutant ape is that a remarkably rare Mega Serum was used to create the Trippy Mega Mutant Ape; this happened as a result of one of the last M3 serums being bought and used in February.

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The Holy Grail of The NFT Ecosystem: The ‘Mega Serum’

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) created an NFT back in 2019 where 10,000 copies were available. There were two serums available for the NFT, one of which was offered to users for free as a gift. M1 serums had 7,500 copies and M2 had 2,492. The M1 serum is the most common and will transform your Bored Ape, but it retains some characteristics of the original Bored Ape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a mutant ape NFT worth?

Each NFT is priced on its rarity and the collectability of the mutant ape. The more popular the mutant ape, the more expensive it becomes.

How many mutant apes are there NFT?

Mutant Ape NFT are not limited in the number of possible collector’s items.

What is a mutant ape NFT?

Mutant Ape was created using a series of mutations to create a new and original design. The process started with the addition of a “serum” which increased the probability for the red eyes and trippy fur designs to form. This process has been used by many other NFTs, but with this one, you can say that history was made

Who made mutant ape NFT?

The creator of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) is Yuga Labs. BAYC, however, was created by a different company.

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