Hong Kong Legalizes Crypto Trading, Trading Will be Legal Again from June 1, 2023

Hong Kong Legalizes Crypto Trading, Trading Will be Legal Again from June 1, 2023.

The Hong Kong government is planning to introduce a new regulatory framework for cryptocurrency exchanges operating within the city. The proposed rules aim to enhance investor protection and tackle market manipulation, while also providing greater clarity and legitimacy to the cryptocurrency market in Hong Kong.

Under the proposed framework, cryptocurrency exchanges would be required to obtain a license from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to operate legally in Hong Kong. The SFC would be responsible for overseeing and regulating the exchanges, including setting out guidelines for market surveillance, risk management, and compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations.

In addition, the SFC would also require cryptocurrency exchanges to maintain insurance coverage to protect against cybersecurity risks and other potential losses. This is intended to provide greater protection for investors and reduce the potential impact of any security breaches.

The proposed regulatory framework has been welcomed by the cryptocurrency industry in Hong Kong, as it will provide greater clarity and legitimacy to the market, and help to promote the development of the industry in the city.

It’s important to note that the proposed framework is still subject to public consultation, and it may be subject to further changes before it is implemented. However, the move is seen as a positive step towards providing a more secure and regulated environment for cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong.

Out of nowhere, the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all those other cryptocurrencies suddenly seem to catch fire. Perhaps this is due to news from Hong Kong? From June 1, 2023, it will be legal to trade crypto again, not only for locals but also for the rest of China.

Hong Kong is opening the door wide to billions in investments in cryptocurrency. They don’t do that for no reason.

Hong Kong Legalizes Crypto Trading

The metropolis has ambitious plans to become an Asian crypto hub and has managed to maintain some autonomy despite the meddling of mainland China.

Hong Kong and Macau are two parts of China designated as Special Zones by the national government.

On paper, executive, legislative and judicial powers are largely devolved to the national government. But Chinese domestic law generally does not apply in the region, and Hong Kong is treated as a separate jurisdiction. The area’s independence from jurisdiction is most clearly reflected in its immigration and taxation policies.

This has allowed the local government to decide that from June 1, the buying, selling, and trading of crypto will officially become fully legal for all its citizens.

Investors in China are also Allowed to Buy Crypto

The great thing is that companies in mainland China can and may also use this. A fully open Hong Kong means that money from China can easily go to crypto, even as the ban on crypto for individuals remains.

What a difference from the other side of the world. American politicians and financial services seem to be doing everything they can to wipe crypto to the ground.

The news from Hong Kong comes from Paul Chan, Hong Kong’s finance minister. He said the city plans to become a crypto hub with a robust regulatory framework.

In the context of the new rules in Hong Kong, the first company has already reported.

First Crypto Company to Register in Hong Kong

Interactive Brokers, a broker with a $36 billion market cap, has announced the launch of cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong.

The press release states that the new product will enable professional investors from Interactive Brokers Hong Kong to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This only applies to the richer customers of Interactive Brokers. To qualify, clients must have at least 8 million Hong Kong dollars in investments, which equates to 950 thousand euros. If a fund or institution wants to invest, it can do so from 40 million HKD or 4.75 million euros.

David Friedland, the head of APAC at Interactive Brokers, says his company is answering the demand for crypto in Hong Kong:

“Investor demand for digital assets continues to grow in Hong Kong and around the world, and we are excited to introduce cryptocurrency to address client trading goals in this important market. Eligible clients will benefit from our low fees and the ability to trade crypto alongside many other global products from a single unified platform.”

Beginning of Bitcoin Bull Run?

Hong Kong is one of the most important financial centers in Asia and the world, rivaled only by Singapore in that region. If investors from China can get involved in crypto trading again in this way, it could be the start of a nice bull run.

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