Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Own BRC-20 Tokens in Minutes: How do I Buy and Sell BRC-20 Tokens?

The introduction of BRC20 tokens has sparked a wave of excitement, leading to a significant increase in demand for Bitcoin transactions. As a result, the Bitcoin network has become congested, causing delays in transaction confirmation times. As of this moment, the Bitcoin network is grappling with a backlog of over 326,000 unconfirmed transactions.

As I mentioned above, creating your own BRC-20 tokens in minutes, how do I buy and sell BRC-20 tokens? So it is important for you to know despite the congestion on the Bitcoin network, traders appear undeterred as they eagerly rush to trade these tokens. The excitement surrounding the potential for decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin blockchain seems to outweigh any concerns about transaction delays.

So, keeping in mind all your needs here, I come up with a detailed guide about it.

What are BRC-20 Tokens?

BRC20 is a novel token standard that remains largely experimental in nature. Unlike Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens, BRC20 token creation and transfer do not utilize Smart Contracts. Instead, JSON data inscriptions are used to deploy, mine, and transfer tokens (known as the Ordinals Protocol), as the Bitcoin blockchain does not possess native DeFi capabilities.

The first token to be deployed using this protocol was ORDI, which has already attained an impressive market capitalization of $262M. In the midst of the current meme coin season, developers quickly jumped on the bandwagon and created several meme coins on the Bitcoin network, such as $MEME and $PEPE. However, it is worth noting that these tokens are solely used for buying and selling, without any further functional utility.

How to do BRC-20 Tokens Work?

To gain a deeper understanding of BRC-20 tokens, it is essential to comprehend how Bitcoin Ordinals function. The Ordinals protocol is a system for numbering satoshis and enables users to attach additional data to these satoshis through a process known as “inscription.

BRC-20 tokens rely on Ordinals inscriptions of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data to deploy token contracts, mint new tokens, and transfer them between parties. Currently, the BRC-20 token standard enables the creation of a BRC-20 token using the deployment function, minting a specific amount of BRC-20 tokens with the mint function, and transferring a particular amount of BRC-20 tokens via the transfer function.

However, it is worth noting that the BRC-20 token standard is relatively new, and the process of deploying, minting, and transferring BRC-20 tokens can be challenging for users. Additionally, there is a limited number of tooling and support services available for this new token standard.

Creating Your Own BRC-20 Tokens in Minutes: How Do I Buy and Sell BRC-20 Tokens?

Creating Your Own BRC-20 Tokens in Minutes

  • In order to interact with BRC-20 tokens, it is necessary to possess a UniSat Wallet.
  • Additionally, it is necessary to have BTC available for both gas fees and trading purposes.
  • If you want to create your own BRC20 token, you can do so by accessing your funded UniSats wallet and clicking on the ‘Inscribe’ option. Next, select the ‘BRC20’ tab and click on ‘Deploy’.
  • Enter the ticker name and total supply for your token, specify the limit per mint, and then click on the “Next” button
  • Carefully verify the information presented in the text, as it contains important details regarding your newly created token.
  • Once you have reviewed the token information, proceed by clicking on the ‘Submit and Pay Invoice’ button. Then, utilize your UniSats wallet to pay the required fees associated with the token creation process. Please note that gas fees may vary based on the current network usage.

How do I Buy and Sell BRC-20 Tokens?

  • In order to trade your token on the marketplace, you must first gain access to it. This requires a minimum of 20 UniSats Points, which can be obtained by conducting transactions on the Bitcoin network. To accumulate the required points, you can mint tokens at no cost other than gas fees. However, it is important to note that due to the nature of the Bitcoin network, transactions can be slow and gas fees may be high. At present, it may cost over $400 to mint the necessary 20 transactions.
  • Once you have successfully accessed the marketplace, locate your token ticker by searching or selecting it from the available options. Then, proceed to click on the “Buy” button. On the following UniSats popup, click on “Confirm” and pay the associated gas fee to complete the transaction.

As of now, there are over 14,300 BRC20 tokens that have been created, with a total market capitalization exceeding $1 billion. Unfortunately, there is currently no infrastructure in place to support these new tokens on the Bitcoin network. This has resulted in severe network congestion, which is already impacting BTC. If a solution is not found soon, users may be forced to wait for weeks on end to have their transactions confirmed. In the worst-case scenario, this could render Bitcoin completely unusable.

Risks of BRC-20 Tokens

As an expert on the topic, it’s important to emphasize the potential risks associated with the BRC-20 token standard. While it may be an intriguing experiment, it’s still in the testing phase and there are many unknowns. Investors should be cautious and conduct thorough research before engaging with this new token type.

Furthermore, the current lack of utility for BRC-20 tokens is a cause for concern. It’s important to consider the long-term outlook and whether this token standard will be able to sustain itself in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market. With the ease of minting BRC-20 tokens, there is a possibility that most could end up being worthless.

Final Words

I hope now that you’re well aware, creating your own BRC-20 tokens in minutes, how do I buy and sell BRC-20 tokens? In conclusion, while the BRC-20 token standard may be an interesting development for the Bitcoin blockchain, users and investors should proceed with caution. It’s essential to stay informed about the latest developments and potential risks associated with this new token type. Only then can one make an informed decision about whether to engage with BRC-20 tokens or not.

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