Binance Exchange Review: Super-Easy Crypto Trading with Binance Exchange

Find out everything you need to know about Binance Exchange, from their history to their fees to the market volume and trading options.

If you’re looking for a secure and trusted cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is likely the best option out there. They have been able to draw in almost “millions” of users since opening in July 2017, with their easy-to-use platform and a range of features that make it possible to trade cryptocurrencies with ease

Do you have any experience trading in the cryptocurrency market? If so, you should definitely check out Binance. Binance is well-known for its fast trading, low fees and flexible options. Check out this Binance exchange review to find out how to get started today.

What is Binance Exchange and what are they offering?

Binance Exchange is one of the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and trading options, making it one of the easiest platforms to get started with crypto trading. Their mission is to provide an easy and safe platform for everyone to trade cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They offer a wide variety of products and services, including: a user-friendly platform, professional customer support, and multi-language support. Binance also offers airdrops, which give token holders access to new tokens and features.

Brief Intro Binance Exchange

Binance Exchange is a world-famous cryptocurrency exchange, with flexible options and low fees for experienced investors. Binance is an efficient crypto exchange that makes it easy to trade cryptocurrencies. Unlike other exchanges with the same amount of trading pairs (Binance has 100 plus trustable cryptocurrency trading pairs), Binance has the highest trading volumes because its order book offers higher liquidity, resulting in faster transactions and lower fees than on most major exchanges and has its own currency, called Binance Coin (BNB). You can purchase crypto assets on the platform using fiat currencies or Debit/Credit cards. The platform can be accessed through its website, desktop, or mobile app. However, it does not accept clients from the U.S., so if you live in the U.S, you’ll have to go to Binance’s substitute platform, Binance .US. You can read our full review of the platform for a more comprehensive understanding of its features

Binance Exchange is a crypto trading platform that offers competitive fees. Newcomers to cryptocurrency will find it easy to use and experienced traders can also benefit from reduced fees.

The history of Binance Exchange

Binance was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao CZ, a long-time crypto entrepreneur. Originally based out of China, the exchange relocated their headquarters out of the country due to crypto restrictions. The company may have a permanent operation soon as it plans to sign agreements with both Malta and Bermuda.

With a large number of currencies and innovative technologies, Binance quickly found a large userbase. They offer cryptocurrencies at low trading fee and also offer more services such as an exchange, earning, staking, derivatives, loans, P2P, NFTs marketplace etc. Binance offers BUSD and BNB tokens, a stable token and one with a good track record. Now a day’s Binance is most popular world-wide crypto exchange with the largest trading volume.

What you need to know about the Binance Exchange sign-up process?

Signing up for a Binance Exchange account is super easy.

If you’re looking for a world-class cryptocurrency trading platform, look no further than Binance. With incredibly easy sign-up and deposit procedures, as well as an extensive range of trading options, this platform is perfect for those new to the crypto market or simply looking to improve their trading skills. Plus, the constantly-changing selection of cryptocurrencies on offer means there’s always something new to explore. Check out our full review below for all the Sign-up procedure.

  • Creating/Sign Up: You can create a new account on Binance by first entering your email address, creating a password, and accepting the Terms of Use. After clicking “Create Account”, you will receive an email from Binance with a link where you are required to confirm your registration.
  • Verification: Log in to your account. Go to the User Center and click Identity Verification. Choose Personal, then fill in your details. You will select a document type such as Passport or Driver’s License, take a photo and upload your document, and take a photo of yourself after uploading the required documents and then submit it to Binance for verification.

Supported Applications

Binance offers an online website and mobile and desktop apps, available on both iOS and Android. The desktop application is available for MacOS and Windows.

Is Binance a safe exchange?

Yes, Binance user SAFU. Binance was hacked for more than $40M in 2019, but the response was quick, and they reimbursed all affected accounts using their Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). This SAFU cold storage wallet is able to reimburse accounts in the event of a hack. There have been no incidents since 2019. Binance includes features such as two-factor authentication and universal factor authentication to ensure the security of your account. If you see how a company reacts during an encounter with a problem, it can make for a valuable experience. In our example, Binance did perfectly well.

It’s important to stay secure when you’re sending money to exchanges. The number of hacks involving crypto exchanges is discouraging, so we’re relieved that Binance offers a secure alternative.

How to trade on the Binance trading platform?

Trading cryptocurrencies on Binance is fairly easy. You have a huge selection of coins to trade and you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin (BNB), XRP, TRX, DOGE, DOT, BUSD and USDT as your trading pairs.

The platform offers margin, derivatives, peer-to-peer, and OTC trading. You can choose the type of interface to use Binance Lite and Bianace Pro.

Binance Exchange Trading Fee

Binance fee structure is advanced and pays off for traders. It starts at 0.01% percent for spot trading fees- lower than other exchanges, and the rates go down when you have the volume for a higher VIP level.

Binance futures trading platform offers VIP level 9 traders as low as 0.00% / 0.01%, which is competitive to many other larger exchanges, which may charge over 0.2%.

If you hold the Binance coin and use it to pay fees on the platform, you’ll get an additional 25% discount.

Customer Support

Binance has enjoyed overwhelming success in its life so far. Low fees, a responsive engine, and developers with a proven track-record make traders content. The consensus is that the exchange clearly offers great value at a very low cost.

Binance has a large support team that will answer all your questions. If you need help or any kind of issue are facing, first phase automated bot to help you find the answer to your question or resolve your issue same time. If you can’t find the answer to your question, there is also an option to contact customer service representatives by chat or by request directly within 5 second.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a world-famous cryptocurrency exchange with flexible options and low fees, Binance is definitely worth considering. The platform can be accessed through its website, desktop, or mobile app and has high trading volumes due to its order book offering higher liquidity. Additionally, the platform accepts clients from all over the world so it’s perfect for anyone living in any part of the world. Binance is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that has exploded in popularity in the past year. It offers a great platform for crypto traders, with many “endless opportunities” to make money. I highly recommend giving it a try if you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies – you won’t be disappointed!

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